Christmas is here and the excitement is building. From family fun to festive films, what’s not to love? Struggling with what gifts to buy for the people you love the most, that’s what.  

The main question on everyone’s minds is what do you buy for your beloved Grandma? On the one hand, Grandmas are easy to buy for. They love you so much, they adore pretty much anything you give them, including crayon scribbled pictures. But the fact is, a great gift that says everything you need it to say for your Grandma is hard to come by.  

If you’ve spent hours looking for the perfect present to buy this Christmas, look no further. From personalised Tea Pots to Mugs and Coasters, we’ve got it all. From Tea Lovers to Baking Queens, there’s something for everyone. Let’s get into it. 


For the Tea Loving Grandma....

When you go to your Grandma’s house, without a doubt, the first thing she will offer you is a cup of tea! For the Tea Loving Grans, we have it all!  

Tell your Grandma just how great she really is this Christmas with this TEA-Riffic Biscuit Board.  

This board is engraved with a striking reminder of "YOU ARE TEA-RIFFIC". One of these is sure to put a smile on your Grandma's face!  


“You are TEA-Riffic” Tea & Biscuit Board - £11.99


“You are TEA-Riffic” Tea & Biscuit Board


Nanna’s Tea & Biscuits Board - £14.99 

For those who prefer a simpler design, we are sure that this unique Tea & Biscuits Board will be one of her favourite Christmas Gifts this year. 

Perfectly paired with her favourite biscuits, or maybe mince pies this Christmas, we are sure it will go down a treat! 


Personalised Grandma's Tea & Biscuit Board with Coffee Mug Option



Grandma’s Glass Tea Pot - £19.99

Let's be real, every Tea Loving Grandma needs her own Tea Pot. What better gift this Christmas than a personalised one! 

This is a gift she is sure to love, with a lovely reminder of her Grandchildren in every cup of tea she makes.  Snuggle up in front of the fire this Christmas and enjoy a warm cup of tea from her new Tea Pot.  


Grandma’s Glass Tea Pot



This Grandma Belongs to Mug- £10.99 

This is the perfect, sentimental gift for ALL Coffee & Tea Lovers. This mug makes a sweet little gift with a lot of meaning.  

Any Grandma would be thrilled to receive such a thoughtful personalised present this Christmas from his Grandchildren. 

This mug is beautifully engraved with 'This Grandma, Nanna Belongs To' and any characters and names of your choice. To make it even better, an option of a hidden message can also be engraved onto the base of the mug.


This Grandma Belongs to Mug


For the Baking Queen Grandma 

It’s no secret that Grandma’s Kitchen is the best place to be, especially when she is baking her signature treats! We have the perfect gifts for those Grandma’s who are always providing the yummy goods. 


Grandma Baking Set - £21.99 

This baking set is a great gift for your baking mad Grandma.  

With its modern design, and the ability to personalise with any name and speciality of your choice, this hardwearing wooden board makes the perfect gift for her! Simply add the name of your Grandma and her baking speciality  

Add a special touch she will cherish forever with a personalised message on the back! 


Personalised "This Grandad Belongs To" Natural Slate Square Coaster


Grandads Kitchen Board - £22.99 

For many, the heart of the family home lives in Grandma's kitchen...  

This “Grandmas Kitchen” Chopping Board is a unique gift idea created for your wonderful Grandad which will be treasured for years to come, personalised with all her Grandchildren. 

If her passions lie within the kitchen, cooking up treats for everyone to enjoy, this gift is the one. 


Personalised 'Grandma's Kitchen' Wooden Rectangle Chopping Board - Where There Is An Unlimited Supply Of Treats


For the Coffee Loving Grandma 

Maybe your Grandma is a coffee drinker? Don’t fear, we also have the perfect gifts for Coffee Lovers.  

(We weren’t kidding when we said we have something for everyone!) 


Grandma's Coffee & Biscuit Board - £11.99 

This beautifully engraved Coffee & Biscuits Board is the perfect gift for Grandma who enjoys making time to sit down for his coffee & biscuits. 

Perfectly paired with her favourite biscuits, we are sure it will go down a treat on Christmas day.  

This truly is a thoughtful present that can be used again and again. 


Personalised Grandma's Coffee & Biscuits Board with Mug Option


For the Nature Loving Grandma 

Grandma’s have a special talent of making sure there garden always looks good.  

If your Grandma’s passion is her garden, we may have the gift you’ve been looking for.  


“A Place where Love Grows” Grandma’s Garden Hanging Ornament - £4.99  


In true Grandma style, if she loves to care and nurture for her Garden, this is the perfect gift for her. 

This is a timeless keepsake, that will be a conversation starter wherever it's place, giving your Grandma the opportunity to brag about her wonderful Christmas gifts from her grandchildren. 

She can hang it on a fence, wall, or hook in the garden or on the summer house or shed door. 


Personalised 'A Place Where Love Grows' Hanging Heart Slate Garden Sign



Where can you find all these gifts… and much more? 

Don’t stress out this Christmas over what gifts to buy for your loved ones because we’ve got you covered.  

Check out our Christmas Gifts for Grandma Collection over on our website. From DIY Gifts to Foodie Gifts, we’ve got it all.

Click here to see what else we have for Grandma's

Whether you’re buying for your dad, husband, mum, sister or your brother, there’s something for everyone. Check out our website for all collections.  


Merry Christmas, 
From us at GiftsinaJiffy


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