Christmas is here and the excitement is building. From family fun to festive films, what’s not to love? Struggling with what gifts to buy for the people you love the most, that’s what.

The main question on everyone’s minds is what do you buy for the men in your life? If you’ve spent hours looking for the perfect present to buy for your loved ones this Christmas, look no further. From personalised mugs to DIY tools and bottle openers, we’ve got you covered.


Let’s start with the Basic Question, Which Gift is Best for Your Dad?

When it comes to buying the perfect gift for your Dad, there are multiple factors to look at. Firstly, his obsessions!


Perhaps he is a food lover, so why not treat him to a Chopping Board, personalised with his name and speciality. Got a DIY lover on your hands? A personalised tape measure or multi-tool may be the perfect gift for him!  Tea lovers, meanwhile, may enjoy a brand-new mug, that will remind him of his grandchildren every time he takes a sip.


We have something for everyone so let’s jump in and look at our favourite Christmas Gifts your Dad will love.


For the Beer Drinking Dads

If you're looking for a simple yet heartfelt gift for your Dad who enjoys to sit down and watch the football with a nice cold beer, look no further for the perfect range of gifts for your Dad this Christmas.


Personalised “Best Dad In The World” Bottle Opener - £6.99

What better way for your Dad to crack into his beer than to open it with this simple yet heartfelt gift.

Engraved with “Best Dad In The World”, gift your Dad with a present he will be sure to brag about to his friends!

This wooden bottle opener with a personalised message will go down a treat at all the Christmas Parties this festive season.


Personalised "Best Dad In The World" Bottle Opener with Wooden Handle


“Dad’s Beer Opener” Wooden Bottle Opener - £6.99

This is the perfect gift for the Dad who loves nothing more than winding down with a cold beer while watching the football.

This personalised bottle opener will make a great gift for your dad to use next time he has a few mates over to watch the game.

Whether they are more into lager or craft ale, this personalised bottle opener is a thoughtful present that can use again and again and will be appreciated this Christmas morning.


Dad's Beer Opener Wooden Magnetic Bottle Opener


Personalised Dad's Rum Stones Set with Metal Tong & 9 Soapstone Ice Cubes - £16.99

Perhaps your Dad isn’t much of a beer drinker and prefers to chill out with a rum instead. If this is the case, we have the perfect gift for you! (we really do have you covered).

This set makes a great present for any Dad who is Rum enthusiast. A unique gift that says "thinking of you."

A truly memorable gift that will last an age.


For the Master Chef Dads

If your Dad fancies himself the next Gordan Ramsay in the Kitchen, we have the perfect collection of gifts he will love this Christmas. Whether your Dad’s the King of the Kitchen or the BBQ, we have it all.


Personalised “Dad’s 5 Star Kitchen” Wooden Chopping Board - £16.99

Being the best chef in the house can be tiring, so why not help the cook in your household cut down on prep time with this stylish personalised wooden chopping Board.

Whether his speciality is spaghetti Bolognese, or simply a fantastic sandwich - this board, is sure to be well appreciated.


Personalised 'Dad's 5 Star Kitchen' Wooden Chopping Board


Personalised “BBQ King” Wooden Chopping Board - £15.99

Maybe your Dad isn’t the best chef in town, but makes a yummy burger on the BBQ? Maybe he is a better chef outside where he can’t burn the kitchen down? If this rings true to your Dad, this could be the perfect gift for him. 

Whether his speciality is a perfectly cooked steak or some rather well done sausages, this board is sure to be one of his favourite presents this Christmas!


Personalised 'BBQ King' Wooden Chopping Board


For the Dog Dads

It’s a typical that it’s always Dad, who was against getting the dog in the first place, ends up loving the family dog the most. It’s a Dad thing. After all, dogs are a man’s best friend. If your Dad has a furry best friend we’ve got the paw-fect gifts for him this Christmas.


Personalised “Pawsome Dad” Coffee Mug – £10.99

This cute personalised Pawsome Dad Mug is a lovely gift from the family pet to their Dad, after all pets are children too!

We love our four-legged friends, they truly are important members of our family... so they just must be included in the Christmas celebrations too, don't you think!

Whether your Dad has just received a new puppy or kitten, or the family pet has been his best friend for many years, he will enjoy having a well-deserved cup of tea or coffee from his fur baby!


Personalised 'Pawsome Dad' Coffee Mug


For the DIY Dads

When somethings falling apart in your home, or the oil in your car needs checking, who do you call? More times than not, your Dad! If your Dad is the ultimate handy man, always there for when the door handle is breaking, or you need a picture putting up, we have the perfect gifts he will love this Festive Season.


Personalised “Loved Beyond Measure” 5M Stanley Tape Measure - £14.99

This tape measure is a must have in every DIY Dads toolbox.

Not only is it a great keepsake and a useful tool that can be used daily, but it is also a small pick me up for a hard day at work. What better than a little message from your loved ones to cheer you up whilst working.


Personalised 'Loved Beyond Measure' 5M Stanley Tape Measure


Personalised “If Dad Can’t Fix It, No One Can” Slate Coaster - £9.99

This personalised square slate coaster is the perfect gift for any Dad who loves to tinker and fix things around the house. What better coaster to use whilst he’s taking a tea break from his DIY jobs?

Beautifully and professionally engraved with the wording "if dad can't fix it no one can", making it a playful and fun addition to any home or workshop. 


Personalised "If Dad Can't Fix It No One Can' Square Slate Coaster


“You’re on a Whole Other Level” 2 in 1 Bottle Opener with Spirit Level – £10.99


Searching for the perfect gift for the dad who loves to DIY? Look no further than this practical spirit level bottle opener tool. With a sleek design and durable construction, it's the perfect addition to any tool collection.

Whether your dad is fixing a leaky faucet or cracking open a cold beer, this tool is sure to become his favourite.


Personalised 'You're On A Whole Other Level' 2 in 1 Bottle Opener with Spirit Level


Personalised “Dad’s Garage” Hanging Slate Sign - £14.99

If your Dad classes his garage as his sacred work place, filled with tools and bikes and everything else you can imagine, we have to perfect gift this Christmas.

Engraved with the words "Dad's Garage". This sign is sure to bring a smile to your dad's face every time he enters his garage. And because every piece of slate has different textures and tones, each sign is beautifully unique.


Personalised 'Dad's Garage' Hanging Slate Sign


For the Tea Lover Dads

If you're looking for a simple yet loving gift for your Dad who enjoys to sit down and relax with a nice hot cup of tea, we’ve got the perfect gifts for you.


Personalised "This Daddy Belongs To" Mug - £12.99

Delight your Daddy with this lovely Mug beautifully printed with 'This Daddy Belongs To' and any family members and names (5 Family Members max).

This mug makes a sweet little gift with a lot of meaning. This beautiful mug makes a great addition to any room and a sturdy surface to rest his beverage of choice.
Capacity: 350ml


Personalised "This Daddy Belongs To "Slate Square Coaster - £9.99


There are many different ways to show your love for your Dad this Christmas, but none that can say it in a more British fashion than somewhere to place your cup of tea.

Delight your Dad with this lovely Square Slate Coaster beautifully engraved with 'This Daddy Belongs To' and any characters and names (5 Family Members max).


Personalised "This Daddy Belongs To "Slate Square Coaster


Where can you find all these gifts… and much more?

Don’t stress out this Christmas over what gifts to buy for your loved ones because we’ve got you covered.  


Check out our Christmas Gifts for Dad collection on our website. From DIY Gifts to Foodie Gifts, we’ve got it all. 

Click here to see what else we have for Dad's.


Whether you’re buying for your dad, husband, mum, sister or your brother, there’s something for everyone. Check out our website for all collections.  


Merry Christmas, 
From us at GiftsinaJiffy

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