Welcome to the vibrant world of GiftsInAJiffy! Behind every thoughtful present and seamless shopping experience, there's a team fuelled by passion and dedication. Let us introduce you to the creative minds and the heartbeats of our operation.

Together, we're more than just a team—we're a family united by our passion for spreading joy and making every moment memorable. From selecting the perfect present to delivering it with care, we're here to make gifting in a jiffy an experience you'll cherish forever. Welcome to the GiftsInAJiffy family!


My role as the Owner of GiftsinaJiffy is one that comes with a variety of challenges, but one I find very rewarding. Having the pleasure of working with a hard-working team daily to achieve new targets is an element I find the most enjoyable about my job. Seeing new products transform into best sellers that help elevate our business is also really fulfilling. Outside of work, I enjoy going on walks with my dog, and spending quality time with my family and my gorgeous daughter.


As the Creative Lead for GiftsinaJiffy, I love all things personalised. I help the team plan and design for all of the calendar moments throughout the year. I’m always striving for perfection, to better the business, the designs, the photography and making sure everything we create is something our customers will love and receive ‘in a jiffy’. When I’m not working, you’ll find me renovating, weight lifting, DJing, cuddling my cat or doing something creative.


As GiftsInaJiffy’s Operations Manager, one of the aspects I enjoy the most is seeing everybody collaborate and work together during our busiest periods. Calendar moments that we are at our busiest are my favourite times, as it shows that the teams’ collective efforts come to fruition. As a cat lover, I once acted as a part time midwife and helped a cat give birth.


As E-Commerce Team Leader, my role involves a wide variety of tasks. From creating listings, to customer service, dealing with large enquiries and overseeing our social media platforms, my days are never the same. A satisfying part of my job is watching the listings that me and my team have worked hard to create becoming popular amongst our customers. When I’m not
working, you will find me having cosy nights in cuddling up with my dog Digby, whilst watching true crime documentaries.


As the E-Commerce Manager, I am responsible for a wide range of our marketing activities. Amongst many other tasks, I oversee the website, ensuring it is all running smoothly, and create mailers for our email campaigns. One thing I enjoy about my job at GiftsinaJiffy is the new challenges I face everyday, whether that be constantly looking to improve our store or increase the traffic to our website. When I am not in work, you will find me spending time with my friends and family.


As GiftsInaJiffy E-Commerce Assistant, my job involves a variety of tasks, from customer service and listing products to creating posts for our social media. The diversity of tasks is one of the reasons why I enjoy my job so much. Creating new social media posts for each calendar moment is also another aspect of my job that I love, whether that be posts about new products or filming for TikTok. Away from work, I enjoy spending as much time as I can travelling and spending time with my loved ones.


As Head of Design, I create new personalised products and collections for every upcoming calendar moment. I enjoy watching the process of customers’ orders come together, from the initial research to the sketches me and my team create, to seeing the design on the products. I am also a dog mum to the two Romanian rescue dogs that recently starred in our Mother’s Day Advert!


My role as Artworker and Production Operative consists of a wide range of tasks. From creating designs, to putting them on customers orders, the creative aspect of my role is something that I appreciate. The friendships and trust that we have as a team allows my creativity to flow, whilst knowing there is help there if I need it. Apart from being inventive, I am a massive animal lover, owning 2 dogs and 14 chickens!


As the newest member to the studio team, and as an Artworker and Production Operative, I enjoy the diversity of daily tasks. The whole process of a customer order is done in house, which is something I find extremely interesting and take joy in being a part of each stage. The relaxed atmosphere in the office allows for me to work to the best of my ability. A fun fact about me is that I was in the crowd in the Bohemian Rhapsody film that was released in 2018.


No two days are the same in my role as an E-Commerce Assistant, which is something I like about my job. My daily tasks vary from printing orders and customer service to quality checking orders and signing them off for despatch. During busy periods, I also help our warehouse team to pick and pack orders. Outside of work, I play on a football team and enjoy running.


As Office Supervisor, my role is extremely varied. From printing orders to monitoring stock levels, buying new items, and quality checking orders, I am continuously on the move! After working for GiftsinaJiffy for 15 years, seeing a plain product I ordered transform into a personalised gift is one of the most fulfilling and enjoyable aspects of my job. As a sports enthusiast, when I am not working, you will find me playing on snooker and pool teams for my local social club.


As Production Team Leader, I oversee the training, development and production processes. Although my role entails a variety of activities, my main responsibility is to oversee the engraving process. The friendly working environment at GiftsinaJiffy has allowed me to improve my own skills whilst also helping others in developing theirs. I have recently helped create a Mother’s Day Advert for our newest campaign. When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my son.


As Warehouse Team Leader, working alongside trusted employees in a fast-paced environment is something I really enjoy about my role here at GiftsinaJiffy. My day-to-day job consists of picking orders and quality checking them, to packaging them up and getting them out the door on the way to our customers. Outside of work, I am a father to two gorgeous kids and enjoy competing on a pool team.


My role as a Warehouse Operative involves a variety of jobs. From picking the correct products, to gift wrapping an order ready to be despatched, each day brings a new variety of tasks. The team I work with within GiftsinaJiffy is an extremely fun team to work with, making my days at work enjoyable. When I am not in work, you will find me in the gym weightlifting, or spending time with my amazing 5-year-old son.


As a Warehouse Operative and Engrave Specialist, every day is different for me. My role varies from working in the warehouse, helping to pick and pack orders, to engraving all personalised wooden products. One thing I love about my job is that I am always further developing my skills within my work environment. Outside of work, I spend my time with my family and our pets!


My role here at GiftsinaJiffy is extremely varied. I am an Application Artist and Administrator, as well as organising orders and occasionally helping out with accounts. Coming from a family of artists, and spending time studying graphic design, it only makes sense that my job role is creative. I love to see the variety of orders that we receive day in day out and feel fulfilment that I have a part in creating the perfect personalised gift for our customers.


My role at GiftsinaJiffy as a Merchandise Consultant involves speaking to new people and suppliers everyday to find new products that our customers will love. As a self-proclaimed social butterfly, I like to spend my time away from work with my friends and family.


As the Accountant for GiftsinaJiffy, the variety of daily tasks is something I love the most about my role. From raising accounts, to credit control and sorting invoices, no two days are ever the same. The warm and friendly atmosphere of the office also makes my job enjoyable. When I am away from work, I am an active member of the community, acting as chairman of the social club. As of recently, I have begun following Manchester United Women’s Team and have been to one of their matches with my beautiful daughters.