Father figures have always been there for us, from carrying us on their shoulders as kids to giving us advice as adults and helping change a flat tyre. They deserve to be celebrated, and Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show your father figure how much he means to you.


Let’s start with the basic question, which gift is best for your Dad?

When it comes to buying the perfect gift for your dad, there are multiple factors to look at. Firstly, his obsessions!


Whether your dad is a pro on the golf course, a serious chef, an all-around handyman, or a massive football fan, we’re here to help you find the right Father’s Day gift that he will love and cherish for years to come.


For the Self Acclaimed Golf Pro’s


Personalised Golf Shoe Bag – £9.99



If your dad likes to give Tiger Woods a run for his money, our personalised Golf Shoe Bag is a must-have accessory for any golfer who wants to keep their shoes clean and organised on and off the course.

With the option to add initials placed alongside a standard elegant illustration of golf clubs and a golf ball, you can make it a truly unique gift for the golfer in your life.

Make their golfing experience even more enjoyable with this personalised accessory.


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Personalised Cotton Golf Towel with Initials - £12.99



This golfing towel is a wonderful accessory that he is bound to cherish every time he is on the golf course.

Our cotton golf towel can be used to wipe down equipment, helping to increase grip, and ensuring the perfect swing can be achieved by your loved one, what more could a golf lover ask for? (except now you'll have to hear how good he is all the time…)

With a carabiner clip allowing him to attach the towel to their golf bag, this is a practical gift for those who have their hands full (or hate carrying their things) 

Available in Black & Blue, there is a towel for every golfer's taste. We also have Micro-Fibre towels.


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Personalised “The Best By Par” Dad's Golf Accessories - £6.99



Whether your dad is the best at golf (or not…), he sure is the best at being your dad and deserves to be shown.

Including 6 bamboo golf tees, 1 piece golf divot tool, and 2 wooden golf ball markers, this drawstring bag is personalised with Dad's title and the pun "the best by par", plus the year he became a father, making it a sentimental gift that will be cherished for a lifetime.

This wonderful kit has all the golfing essentials that your dad will need on his days out. He really will be the best by par on the golf course with this personalised equipment.


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"Dad You’re Tee-Riffic" Wooden Magnetic Bottle Opener - £6.99



If your dad enjoys cracking open a cold beer after a long afternoon perfecting his golf skills, our personalised portable beer bottle opener is the perfect gift for him.

Sticking with the golf theme, personalised with the pun “Dad, You’re Tee-Riffic”, this is sure to start conversations at his golf club (trust me, he’ll love it!).

With the magnetic back, this bottle opener can be placed safely on the fridge, where he can proudly show off to guests how great at golf he is (or likes to think he is..)


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Personalised Golf Caddy Cooler Bag with Initials



If your dad likes to think he is one of the cool guys on the golf course, this golf caddy cooler bag will take him to the next level!

The intelligent design boasts a large main zipped insulated compartment, a medium outside compartment for golf balls, and a small outside compartment for golf tees, ball markers, and other accessories.

This is the perfect companion on the golf course, allowing him to stay refreshed and energised throughout his game.


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Personalised "Dad You Are Tee-Riffic" Coffee Mug with Coaster Option - £9.99



If your dad is golf's number one fan (I am sure there's a few Dads out there who would qualify for that title), our personalised Golf Mug & Matching Coaster is the perfect gift for those who love to wind down and enjoy watching The Open Championship with a nice brew.

A perfect gift to show your dad how tee-riffic he is each time he has a cup of tea.


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For the Beer Loving Dads


Personalised Wooden Bottle Opener – £6.99



For the Dads who love nothing more than to wind down with a cold beer whilst watching the football, this personalised bottle opener will make a great gift for your dad to use next time he has a few mates over to watch the game.

Personalised with the text “Love from the reason why you drink”, this is a gift that is sure to get a laugh or two.

This personalised bottle opener is a thoughtful present that your dad can use again and again and will be well appreciated on Father’s Day.


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Personalised 'Dad’s Brewery' 2-in-1 Wooden Coaster & Bottle Opener



Your Dad will need somewhere to place his beer without scratching the table (believe me, we’ve all had that lecture).

This bamboo coaster is a long-lasting, practical tool that will come in handy, especially with the built-in bottle opener featured on the back of the coaster.

For an extra special touch, there is an option to add a personalised message to the back of the coaster, whether it's a heartfelt message, a special date, or a favourite quote. 


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Personalised 'Dad’s Brewery' Beer Crate with Bottle Opener - £24.99



Does your dad turn up to family BBQ’s struggling to carry his beer? If the answer is yes (of course it is..), we have the perfect gift for your Dad this Father's day.

Our Bamboo crate fits up to 8 beer bottles, making it an extremely useful gift that is bound to come in handy. 

The days of being up and down for more beer are over! The handle allows for easy transportation of his beers, whether that be from the fridge to the couch, or to a friend's BBQ. 

Featuring a wonderful and slick-looking bottle opener on the side, the days of searching for a bottle opener are over.

Let's be real, this is a gift that is sure to be his favourite to date.


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Personalised Dad's Wooden Snack Board – £12.99



If your Dad’s favourite Saturday Night activity is to sit down to enjoy a cold pint, in front of the TV with his favourite snacks, this is a gift PERFECT for him.

The days of balancing his crisps on his lap, and his bottle of beer on the arm of the sofa are over.

Personalised with the title you call him, and a special message from you, this is a keepsake gift that will bring a smile to his face every time he cracks open a cold one.


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Personalised 'Dad's Beer Garden' Hanging Slate Sign - £7.99



Has your Shed been converted into a Bar instead? Well, we have the perfect addition that will take his beer garden to the next level.

The message on the sign reads "Dad's Beer Garden" and "Beers and Good Times Only" underneath, setting the tone for a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Whether he’s hosting a backyard BBQ or just enjoying a few drinks with friends, the "Dad's Beer Garden" sign is sure to be a hit.


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Personalised Dad’s Garden Trowel with Beer Bottle Opener - £14.99



Let's be honest, a lot of your dad’s hobbies will more than likely end with a cold beer.

If your dad loves a bit of gardening, this personalised 2 in-1 Gardening Trowel and Bottle opener is the ultimate gift for the gardening enthusiast and beer lover in your life. 

Alongside being useful for shovelling, planting flowers, and perfecting his garden, this fun feature makes for a great gift for your dad who enjoys relaxing with a cold beverage after a hard day’s graft.  


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For the DIY Dads


Personalised Loved Beyond Measure Tape Measure - £9.99



It's an unspoken rule that your dad is the go-to guy when it comes to fixing a broken step, or helping you move into your new home, our personalised “Loved Beyond Measure” tape measure is a wonderful and meaningful gift for your DIY-loving Dad this Father's Day.

The elegant illustration of the tape measure with the heart engraved in the middle brings this gift together and solidifies the love you hold for your dad.

If you want to show your love and appreciation for him and all his daily hard work, this tape measure is a gift he is bound to love and cherish.


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Personalised 'You're On A Whole Other Level' 2 in 1 Bottle Opener with Spirit Level – £10.99



This spirit level is a great keepsake and a useful tool that can be used daily, a small pick-me-up on a hard day at work, what better than a little message from your loved ones to cheer you up while working.

Want this make this gift extra special? We offer the option to have an additional greeting message on the other side!

With a sleek design and durable construction, it's the perfect addition to any tool collection.


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Personalised Carpenters Pencil - £2.99



If your dad works in a trade, there is no doubt he wanders around with a pencil tucked behind his ears (they all do it let's be honest!!)

You would think that there is not much to a pencil, and it would be a pretty standard gift. Well, think again, this personalised pencil is more than just a tool. With the option to have a name or special message engraved on the sleek wooden body, it's both practical and sentimental.

Give your dad a gift as unique as he is with this personalised carpenter's pencil! A thoughtful keepsake that combines functionality with personalisation, making it the perfect Father's Day gift for the handyman in your life.


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Personalised 'Dad's Garage' Hanging Slate Sign - £14.99



If your dad constantly acts like he's on an episode of DIY SOS and is constantly working away on something in the garage, our personalised “Dad’s Garage” hanging plaque is the perfect addition to his workspace.

The gorgeous illustration of the various tools that your dad is sure to have in his toolbox makes it clear that Dad’s garage is where all broken things are being fixed, doors are being sanded and bikes are being cleaned.

Give your dad the gift of personalised style with this one-of-a-kind slate sign.


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Personalised Multi Tool Hammer - £22.99



When something is falling apart in your home, or the oil in your car needs checking, who do you call? More times than not, your dad!

Does he consider himself quite the handyman? Well, look no further for the perfect gift this Father's Day. This Travel-Friendly multitool hammer is perfect for Dad’s who loves to fix things and can never have enough tools.

With an astounding 13 features, this multi-tool includes a hammer, nail remover, flat file, Philips screwdriver, file opener, pliers, pocketknife, serrated knife, wire cutter, flat head bottle opener and knife.


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Personalised “If Dad Can’t Fix It, No One Can” Slate Coaster - £9.99



This personalised square slate coaster is the perfect gift for any dad who loves to tinker and fix things around the house.

What better coaster to use whilst he’s taking a tea break from his DIY jobs?

Beautifully and professionally engraved with the wording "if dad can't fix it no one can", making it a playful and fun addition to any home or workshop.


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For the BBQ Bosses


Personalised Boxed Barbecue Set with Tools - £33.99



It’s nearly BBQ Season, and what do Dad’s love more than being in charge of the BBQ at family parties? (apart from golf, football, rugby, and beer…BBQs are near the top).

Fire up the flavour and personalise your dad’s grilling experience with our custom BBQ set! Crafted for the ultimate grill master, this set is more than just tools – it's a statement of culinary prowess. 

Inside the beautifully crafted box, you'll find a collection of high-quality stainless steel BBQ tools, with the option to have each tool meticulously personalised for the grill guru in your life.

Our set includes a spatula with an opener, carver, and tongs, which can each be expertly engraved with your name, or a special message, adding a touch of personality to every cookout. 


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Personalised Dad’s Barbeque Apron - £7.99



If your dad is the king of the BBQ, it's only right that he looks the part.

This personalised BBQ apron is not only a practical accessory for any grill master but also a thoughtful Father's Day gift for your dad.

The apron features a handy pocket on the front, providing a convenient storage space for grilling essentials such as utensils, spices, or even a cold beverage.


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Personalised 'BBQ King' Wooden Chopping Board – £16.99



So far, your dad looks the part with his apron and has all the equipment he needs with his BBQ tools, the only thing left that he needs is his very own personalised board.

With its modern design, and the ability to personalise with any name and speciality of your choice, this hardwearing wooden board makes the perfect gift for your dad to show off to his guests.

Simply add the name of the recipient (e.g. James), and any speciality you would like for the bottom line (e.g. Burnt Sausages).


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For the Football Hooligans


Personalised Daddy’s Football Team Coffee Mug - £14.99



For those football-loving dads, our personalised Daddy’s Team Mugs are a wonderful keepsake gift that your dad will love this Father’s Day. 

Every detail of this ceramic mug can be personalised to your liking. From changing the colours of the shirts or baby grows to fit your football team to adding the names and ages of your children, this is a truly unique Father's Day gift. 

Treat your dad to a gift he will treasure this Father's Day, and definitely use whilst watching his favourite team, with his very own team.


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Personalised 'Dad’s Football Team' Coaster - £3.99



Why not treat your dad to a matching coaster that goes perfectly with his football team mug?

The text “The Best Team Ever” underneath the hanging football shirts solidifies the love you share as a family.    

This personalised Daddy’s Team coaster will look perfect on his bedside table or desk in the office ready to place a well-deserved cup of tea or coffee in the morning, or perhaps he would prefer to keep his personalised gift display in the cabinet at home, where he can proudly show it off to guests! 

Dimensions: 10 x 10 cm


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Finding the perfect Father’s Day gift for Dad doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By considering his interests, hobbies, and comfort, you can choose a gift that shows just how much he means to you. Remember, the most important thing is the love and thoughtfulness behind the gift. Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful Dad's out there!


Check out our Father’s Day Collection here. From Tea & Biscuit Boards to Personalised Photo Frames, we’ve got it all.


Happy Father’s Day,
From all of us at GiftsinaJiffy x


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