The excitement of Christmas is building. From family fun to festive films, what’s not to love? Struggling with what gifts to buy for the people you love the most, that’s what.

The main question on everyone’s minds this Christmas is what do you buy for your beloved family? Every person plays their own role in the family, whether it’s a DIY Dad who fixes everyone’s broken door handles, or a Master Chef Nanna who treats the family to (too many) baked goods every time you see her. It’s hard to find the perfect gifts for everyone’s individual personalities, interests and likes.


Let’s start with the Basic Question, Which Gift is Best for Each Member of Your Family?

When it comes to buying the perfect gift for each member of the family, there are multiple factors to look at. Firstly, his obsessions!


Perhaps someone is a food lover, so why not treat them to a chopping board, personalised with a special message. Got a DIY lover on your hands? A personalised tape measure or multi-tool may be the perfect gift for them!  Fashionista’s, meanwhile, may enjoy a brand-new personalised clutch bag that they can show off!


If you’ve spent hours looking for the perfect present to buy for your family this Christmas, look no further. From personalised makeup bags to card holders and chopping boards, we’ve got a gift for everything, all in one place (I know, we’re just that good!)


For the Fashionista’s of the Family


Personalised Clutch Bag - £10.99

Create the perfect gift for the fashionistas of your family by personalising each bag with their name. Choose from a selection of vinyl colours to create a permanent memento for the recipient.

Not only is this bag gorgeous, but it’s also a great bag for evening events such as weddings and will easily hold all their essentials, keys, make up, cash, cards, and phone in style!

The perfect gift for your sister, cousin or in law that is tough to buy for!


Personalised Clutch bag


For the Busy Bodies of the Family


Personalised Eco Bamboo Travel Cup - £19.99

Do you have a family member who just never seems to sit still and insists they always have things to do be doing? Well look no further, we have the ideal gift for those who are constantly on the go.

This mug is stylish, recyclable and reusable (what more could someone want?). It can be personalised with any name of your choice to add that special touch.


Personalised Eco Bamboo 500ml Insulated Travel Mug


For the Christmas Fanatics of the Family


Father Christmas, Please Stop Here… Christmas Eve Board - £12.99


Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, especially for those who still believe in the Magic.

This Christmas Eve plate is perfect for your children to leave a drink and snack for Santa and Rudolph when they come on Christmas Eve.

The wooden Christmas Eve plate is beautifully and professionally laser engraved with 'Father Christmas Please Stop Here' which you can personalise any name/s of your choice.


Personalised "Father Christmas Please Stop Here" Christmas Eve Tea & Biscuit Board


Personalised Elf Arrival Postcard - £6.99


This Personalised Elf Arrival Postcard is the perfect way to give a cheeky Elf a warm welcome to your home this Christmas!

Address the postcard to your child and home to make it truly magical! Leave your postcard waiting for your child to find in a letterbox, doorway, fireplace or anywhere in your home.


Personalised Illustrated Wooden Elf Arrival Postcard with Gingerbread Man Stamp


Personalised Christmas Eve Box - £28.99


Treat your family to some Christmas Eve surprises inside this gorgeous personalised wooden box.

The build up to Christmas is magical, especially for children. Start a new family tradition with our Christmas Eve Box which is perfect for creating a bit of calm before bedtime. Fill your box with new Christmas pyjamas, hot chocolate, reindeer food, a Christmas bath bomb, cosy socks and a Christmas story or DVD.


Personalised Large Wooden Christmas Eve Box


For the DIY Lovers of the Family


Personalised “Loved Beyond Measure” 5M Stanley Tape Measure - £12.99


This tape measure is a must have in every DIY Dads toolbox.

Not only is it a great keepsake and a useful tool that can be used daily, but it is also a small pick me up for a hard day at work. What better than a little message from your loved ones to cheer you up whilst working.


Personalised 'Loved Beyond Measure' Tape Measure - Available in 3M or 5M


For the Tea Lovers of the Family


Grandads Tea & Biscuit Board – £11.99


Perhaps your Grandad falls under the category of a Tea Lover. If so, this Tea and Biscuit Board is the perfect gift for him.


Our beautifully engraved Tea & Biscuits Board is the perfect gift for grandad who enjoys tea & biscuits. Engraved with a striking "Tea & Biscuits" design, one of these is sure to put a smile on your Grandad's face this Christmas.


Personalised Grandad's Tea & Biscuits Board


Personalised Mum’s Tea & Biscuits Board – £14.99


Our engraved Tea & Biscuits Board makes the perfect gift for Mum this Christmas. We are sure that this unique Tea & Biscuits Board will get plenty of use, to indulge with a well-deserved tea and biscuits every morning!

Perfectly paired with her favourite biscuits, we are sure it will go down a treat!


Personalised Mum's Tea & Biscuit Board with Coffee Mug Option


For the Alcohol Lovers of the Family


Personalised “Best Uncle Ever” Bottle Opener - £4.99

What better way for your Uncle to crack into his beer than to open it with this simple yet heartfelt gift

Engraved with “Best Uncle Ever”, gift your Uncle with a present he will be sure to brag about to his friends!

This wooden bottle opener with a personalised message will go down a treat at all the Christmas Parties this festive season.


Personalised Best Uncle Ever Wooden Bottle Opener


For the Star Bakers of the Family


Grandma’s Kitchen Chopping Board - £22.99

For many, the heart of the family home lives in Grandma's kitchen...

This “Grandmas Kitchen” Chopping Board is a unique gift idea created for your wonderful Grandma which will be treasured for years to come, personalised with all her Grandchildren.

If her passions lie within the kitchen, cooking up treats for everyone to enjoy, this gift is the one.


Personalised 'Grandma's Kitchen' Wooden Rectangle Chopping Board - Where There Is An Unlimited Supply Of Treats


Auntie’s Kitchen Chopping Board - £15.99


From peppers and onions to sweet potatoes, whatever she plans to chop... help your Auntie cook up a storm in the kitchen with our personalised wooden chopping board.
Beautifully engraved with 'Auntie's Kitchen', as well as the text, 'where there is an unlimited supply of treats for..' and any characters and names.

For an extra special, bespoke touch, an optional personalised message can be engraved onto the back of your board.


Personalised 'Auntie's Kitchen' Wooden Rectangle Chopping Board - Where There Is An Unlimited Supply Of Treats


Where can you find all these gifts… and much more? 

Don’t stress out this Christmas over what gifts to buy for your loved ones because we’ve got you covered.  


Whether you’re buying for your dad, husband, mum, sister or your brother, there’s something for everyone. Check out our website for all collections.  


Merry Christmas, 
From us at GiftsinaJiffy

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